The Spaces Between Spaces



Spaces Between Spaces is a collaboration between musician Darren Wilson and myself. It has a very strong Glasgow , War of the worlds vibe. The first part to our vision was a rave held on October 20th in SWG3 , Glasgow. New Electronic Dance Music accompanied by visuals in videos from my paintings. It was a brilliant success. Lots of dancing , the main aim !

The second part will be an exhibition of the paintings accompanied by the music in a more traditional gallery type setting. News on that coming soon.

Evening Times Preview Glasgow Live Preview

Music by The Harbourmasters



  • Event Horizon
  • Xperiment
  • Force Field
  • It came from outer space
  • Something is coming
  • Stealthtastic
  • Target Glasgow
  • Vortex
  • 12 Parsecs
  • Mission to Something