Reflections on a night out


Veneer Gallery,1184 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8TE

24th September – 9th October 11.00 -17.00

Reflections on a night out is trying to capture different perspectives on how nights come about, go, and end, or not

Each painting has some kind of reflection going on.

I started to paint images of glasses in bars and restaurants, and I loved how the light made patterns.

I started to see it in different things. Weirdly the style reminds me of when I first started painting.

I’ve always liked stories, and I think about my pictures coming together like a storyboard for a movie. This particular exhibition intersecting storylines a bit like, ‘GO’ or ‘ Pulp Fiction’. Except my pictures only hint at the drama, joy or just moments that happen when you decide to go on a night out.

  • Game over
  • Down to my last 6 Euros
  • I see you
  • Wine goggles
  • The honeymoon period
  • Shake it!
  • Demand
  • Beer o'clock
  • I'll pass on the water
  • Last Orders
  • Maybe I should ask her out
  • Just the one then
  • Triple Threat
  • Water! How grown up
  • Last night and I'm ready to go