A Love Letter to Glasgow



A love letter to Glasgow is an exhibition that I've been working on that was supposed to be happening this year in the Sogo gallery on the Saltmarket. With things being so uncertain, we've created a virtual exhibition so that my paintings can be seen. Hopefully in the future, when we are all safe and healthy the show can go on. Glasgow is my city. Brought up in Anderston, currently living in the Saltmarket, I've always been central. So most of these paintings are based around town and where I live. I suppose we all have our own Glasgow, and this is a bit of mine.

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The Spaces Between Spaces


20 OCTOBER 2018

Spaces Between Spaces was a collaboration between musician Darren Wilson and myself. It has a very strong Glasgow , War of the worlds vibe. The first part to our vision was a rave held on October 20th in SWG3 , Glasgow. New Electronic Dance Music accompanied by visuals in videos from my paintings. It was a brilliant success. Lots of dancing , the main aim !

The second part will be an exhibition of the paintings accompanied by the music in a more traditional gallery type setting. News on that coming soon.

Evening Times Preview Glasgow Live Preview

Reflections on a night out


Veneer Gallery, Glasgow G3 8TE

24th September – 9th October 2016

Reflections on a night out is trying to capture different perspectives on how nights come about, go, and end, or not. Each painting has some kind of reflection going on.

I started to paint images of glasses in bars and restaurants, and I loved how the light made patterns.

I started to see it in different things. Weirdly the style reminds me of when I first started painting.

I’ve always liked stories, and I think about my pictures coming together like a storyboard for a movie. This particular exhibition intersecting storylines a bit like, ‘GO’ or ‘ Pulp Fiction’. Except my pictures only hint at the drama, joy or just moments that happen when you decide to go on a night out.


I made a series of paintings covering an imaginary day in an imaginary man’s life. The locations are actually from different places I’ve visited around the world so in a way I’ve imagined my own city.

24th September – 9th October 11.00 -17.00

Each painting is titled with a time of that day and they were shown in sequence from 05:16. The exhibition was only supposed to be on for 24 straight hours, but due to popular demand was extended for a further 2 weeks. It took me over 2 years to complete over 50 paintings to tell the story, some are shown below. It was interesting to hear peoples different interpretations. You can decide for yourself what happened.