Finding the beauty in the ordinary...

I am a painter from Glasgow. I come from Anderston, right in the city centre, so I have always walked everywhere. Walking is the best way to know a place I think. You have time to look around, and in Glasgow it's important to look up. My city has a lot of beautiful architecture , and a lot of the detail is up high. I was lucky enough to study in the Mackintosh building for 4 years at the Glasgow School of Art. For me, the views from the hen run at the top of the building were as important as the light in the studios.

I have been lucky enough to travel and see a lot of the world .It's natural beauty, it's art, it's culture but Glasgow always pulled me back.

I've always been hugely influenced by cinema, Bladerunner directed by Ridley Scott being my absolute favourite. I love his use of light, natural and false. Directors like Bill Forsyth and Martin Scorsese's early films, have a lovely warmth and intimate knowledge of their cities, and I love that !

I really hope that comes through in my paintings.

I get inspiration from a lot of things, my city, colour, emotion, other peoples' skill and passion , painting is how I react. I need to paint.