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I am currently working on 'Spaces Between Spaces' my new exhibition. I am trying to create some room and therefore, selling some of my older work ridiculously cheap.
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Spaces Between Spaces


Spaces Between Spaces is a collaboration between musician Darren Wilson and myself. It has a very strong Glasgow , War of the worlds vibe. The first part to our vision was a rave held on October 20th in SWG3 , Glasgow. New Electronic Dance Music accompanied by visuals in videos from my paintings. It was a brilliant success. Lots of dancing , the main aim !

The second part will be an exhibition of the paintings accompanied by the music in a more traditional gallery type setting. News on that coming soon.

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about me

I do love painting. I find skill and passion, in what ever field, my biggest influence. I recently visited the Liotard exhibition, wow that dude could paint!

I studied at Glasgow School of Art and I still live and work in Glasgow as it’s a great place to be an artist, and to live.

Sometimes it is hard to be a painter. I have so many ideas, and often they don’t work. I can’t stop though, I want to be a good painter. I would be miserable doing anything else. I’ve one shot at this, so I’m going for it.

I had a short correspondence with Sir Dirk Bogarde when I was a kid and looking for some guidance. He said, it takes 7 years to become a doctor and 72 years to become a reasonable actor.

I think I know what he meant now, but he certainly was more than that!

You’ll find paintings to buy in the Gallery sections and Limited Edition prints in various szies in the Prints Section.

  • 12 Parsecs
  • Game over
  • Target Glasgow
  • Mission to Something
  • Something is coming
  • Force Field
  • It came from outer space
  • Vortex
  • Stealthtastic
  • Event Horizon
  • 02.59
  • Odds against you
  • 18.48
  • I see you
  • Next morning