Finding the beauty in the ordinary...


516 The Gallery, Glasgow
Art Exposure Gallery Glasgow
Art Pistol
A Gallery New York
Artco Gallery Leeds
Battersea Art Fair London
Bonhams Glasgow
Cafe Paris
Cambridge Art Fair
Church St Andrews
Dublin Art Fair
Edinburgh Art Fair
Flat Cat Gallery Lauder
Gant Glasgow
Gatehouse Gallery Giffnock
Glasgow Art Fair
GSA Alumni Show Glasgow
Ian Kenny Gallery Hamilton
Landsdowne Glasgow
Leith Gallery Leith
Montmartre Gallery Co. Antrim
Pond Gallery London
RSA student show Edinburgh
Rowan Gallery Helensburgh
Scotland Art Gallery Glasgow, Edinburgh
Switchspace Glasgow
Tempo, Glasgow
White Gallery Dundee

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The Glaswegian, article, Scotland ’12
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Helensburgh Advertiser 2011

Worked owned by...

Blythe Duff,
actress, Taggart

Nik Kershaw,
music genius

Neil Finn,
Crowded House lead man

Alex Norton,

John Michie,

Michael Praed,
actor Robin Hood, 80’s heart throb