Finding the beauty in the ordinary...

The Spaces Between Spaces


20 OCTOBER 2018

Spaces Between Spaces was a collaboration between musician Darren Wilson and myself. It has a very strong Glasgow , War of the worlds vibe. The first part to our vision was a rave held on October 20th in SWG3 , Glasgow. New Electronic Dance Music accompanied by visuals in videos from my paintings. It was a brilliant success. Lots of dancing , the main aim !

The second part will be an exhibition of the paintings accompanied by the music in a more traditional gallery type setting. News on that coming soon.

Evening Times Preview Glasgow Live Preview

Reflections on a night out


Veneer Gallery, Glasgow G3 8TE

24th September – 9th October 2016

Reflections on a night out is trying to capture different perspectives on how nights come about, go, and end, or not. Each painting has some kind of reflection going on.

I started to paint images of glasses in bars and restaurants, and I loved how the light made patterns.

I started to see it in different things. Weirdly the style reminds me of when I first started painting.

I’ve always liked stories, and I think about my pictures coming together like a storyboard for a movie. This particular exhibition intersecting storylines a bit like, ‘GO’ or ‘ Pulp Fiction’. Except my pictures only hint at the drama, joy or just moments that happen when you decide to go on a night out.


I made a series of paintings covering an imaginary day in an imaginary man’s life. The locations are actually from different places I’ve visited around the world so in a way I’ve imagined my own city.

24th September – 9th October 11.00 -17.00

Each painting is titled with a time of that day and they were shown in sequence from 05:16. The exhibition was only supposed to be on for 24 straight hours, but due to popular demand was extended for a further 2 weeks. It took me over 2 years to complete over 50 paintings to tell the story, some are shown below. It was interesting to hear peoples different interpretations. You can decide for yourself what happened.